NOTE: Due to technical limitations in phone and tablet browsers, Greenhouse will run on laptops and desktop computers only. To install, you must be using the browser that corresponds with the download button. Please see FAQ for additional information.

Safari instructions:

Pressing the button should download a file named "greenhouse.safariextz". Double-click, and Safari should open the Extensions window and ask "Are you sure you want to install the extension 'Greenhouse'?". Press "Trust", and Greenhouse should be successfully installed. If you see a "$" icon in the toolbar, you will know it installed successfully.

Chrome instructions:

You must be using Chrome for this button to work. Press it, and after a few seconds a small window will open near the top of your browser window. Press the "add" button, and it should install. If it installed sucessfully, a small window should open in the top right of your screen letting you know. Still not working? See the Chrome Web Store page directly here.

Firefox instructions:

Pressing the button should open a new tab, and direct it to the Firefox add-on gallery. Under the description of Greenhouse, you should see a button that says "+ Add to Firefox". Press it, and pop-up window should open. Press "Install Now", in the bottom-right, and it should install. Greenhouse is currently going through the Firefox review process. Because that review process isn't complete, you may see a "caution" message when attempting to download. Don't worry - there are no issues, and this message is only temporary.